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Families and family relationships can be complicated. When you need help, you want to see a Lawyer who is a specialist in the area of Family Law but also that you can relate to. Cutting through the legal jargon and making a difficult process somewhat more bearable is a skill in and of itself and one that Deb has in oodles.

Deb is an expert Child Advocate and considered to be a World Expert on Children's Participation Rights in Family Justice Systems with a PhD on this topic. If you see Deb, you will be in most excellent and capable hands for all family law matters.

Deb can help you with;

  • Applications for day to day care and contact: parenting orders
  • Applications by a parent to prevent removal of a child from the district or New Zealand
  • Applications to relocate
  • Relationship property agreements: where the division can be agreed
  • Relationship property proceedings: when settlement and division cannot be agreed
  • “Pre nuptial” property sharing agreements
  • Paternity applications
  • Adoption applications
  • Applications for urgent protection orders
  • Challenging wills of deceased relatives, Family protection and Testamentary promises claims

Deb Inder is also a Legal Aid Provider.

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