Deb Inder.


Deb Inder: Family Law Specialist.

About Dr Deb.

Admitted to the Bar in 1998, Dr Deb Inder is a Barrister and Accredited Mediator. Deb conducts both FDR and private mediations as well as regularly appearing in the Family Court as Court Appointed Lawyer for the Child and on behalf of Private and Legal Aid clients. Deb has a Post Graduate Diploma in Child Centred Practice (with Distinction) and a PhD in Law, her Thesis topic being:

Children’s Participation Rights within the Context of the New Zealand Family Justice System.


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Deb's mediation services aim to help sort the arrangements for families who have separated – from care arrangements for children through to division of property, all in the healthiest way possible for you. With experience in both Employment Law and HR Management, Deb is also available to conduct Employment Mediation. Deb can guide you through a professional process to reduce emotional pain, costs and time when you have a dispute to be resolved.

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Deb is a qualified Barrister specializing in courtroom advocacy and providing specialist family law advice. Deb has extensive experience helping families and individuals in the Family Court. Deb is also a Child Advocacy Expert and together with her post graduate qualifications,  can provide an invaluable combination of legal experience with the most up to date research and knowledge in the field of children and divorce. Deb believes in access to justice for all people and is a Legal Aid provider.

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"Dear Deb,
 I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you did with me earlier this year. It could be easy to underestimate the impact you had on my life, but you steered me in a really positive and empowering direction. The last couple of years have been the hardest of my life and the day I came into your office was a pivotal turning point that has lead to me living a positive and fulfilling life now! You allowed me to open up for the first time to anyone about what was going on, and this was due to your welcoming, warm and caring nature. You listened, empathised and understood as well as offered tangible help and support.

 I have so much gratitude for all of this. I think you do an incredible job and admire your approach to it.  Thanks so much again and keep fighting the good fight."